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MaPPP Towers

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The first scope of MaPPP design is to save material and reduce the visible impact of the telecommunication towers. Beside its slenderness, MaPPP offers decisive advantages for actual and future needs of the wireless transmission market in various fields, such as mobile telecommunication network, security equipement, radar systems.

MaPPP was designed to apply for a tender in Morocco (Meditelecom). The tender asked for 50 towers, light, economic, easy to manufacture with local industry, fast to erect with small cranes, saving space in foundations, and of course, guaranteeing the targeting of the antennas (1°).

Because the traditionnal towers could not satisfy the whole requirements, we designed MaPPP tower. The system was aproved by Ericsson radio engineers.

The system was first patented in Morocco, and then in Europe, and Worldwide.

MaP3 was founded in Paris by the designers to improve the system and provide license agreements.