The extension of the Gare de Lyon railway station consists of two rectangular glass halls, measuring 35m x 60m and 13m x 52m respectively.

Within the historical context of the project, an attempt was made to pay homage to the elements and methods of construction inherent to19th century industrial architecture, reinterpreting them through the lens of contemporary tools and design techniques. Glazing dimensions relative to their technical capacities, riveted connections, the interlocking of stone and steel, integration of structural guttering, the usage of forged parts for tie bars, and the development of materials through resistance studies, formed the basis for the design of the new extension.

Considering that the design team was seeking a harmonious architectural integration with the original building, the design of the new glass roofs remain simple in appearance. However, unlike the original steel structures, the new one behaves as a gridshell- the arches and purlins are combined, allowing the structure to behave as a tension-compression system where bending is minimized. The sections remain slender and light.

Client : Gares et Connexions

Design team : AREP (Architect) - MaP3 (Steel structure)

Construction company: Chantiers Modernes (General contractor) - Gagne (steel structure and glass)

Technical information : Surface : 2800 m2, steel structure weight : 200 Tonnes, budget : 35 Million Euros, completion date : 2011

Publications : Revue Acier, revue CTICM, movie by J.C. Fitoussi