The building located in the science garden of the University of Strasbourg is made up of two volumes: conical and cylindrical.

The main structure is in wood: solid wood frame and long-span beams (20 m) in glued laminated timber with a central steel ring, walls in wood frame.

The stability of the cone is ensured by CLT-type wooden panels visible inside. The screen is suspended from a hemispherical steel dome.

Maître d'ouvrage : Unistra

Maitres d'oeuvre : Frenak & Jullien (Architecte) - MaP3 (structures bois, acier et béton)

Données techniques : Surface : 980 m², Wood Volume 280 m3, steel 20 T, concrete 540 m3, expected delivery 2022

Entreprises : Gros oeuvre : BRINGOLF Steel : SIRC Wood : Charpente HOUOT