Designed by AREP and MaP3 during a competition in 2007, Qingdao north railway station is built on an artificial land by the sea. The project is inspired by marina's landscape (seagulls, boats masts, cables).

The structure shape is obtained by moving and rotating identical big parts : "arches" and roof beams, connected together by braced brackets. This gives the impression of successives photos of a bird flutter. It facilites structure fabrication by standardizing the parts, which allows to improve the definition of some complex details.

Arches and beams are welded on a central beam, with a triangular box section, sheltering technical catwalk. The hole structure is fabricated with folded steel sheets.

The roofing is made by aluminium plates interrupted by polycarbonate strips. The ceiling is made by aluminium blades.

Client: Railway Ministry

Designers : AREP (Paris) - Tie Er Yuan (Chengdu) - MaP3 (structure) - BIAD (Beijing) for construction documents.

Construction : CSCEC (General contractor)

Technical data : Surface : 66 000 m², steel structure weight : 13 000 Tons, budget : 300 Millions Euros, Achievement : 2014