We were responsible for the mechanical studies of the power line support for a new 400 kV very high voltage overhead power line with our NIMOS-CEGELEC-MAP3 consortium. We have done the design studies for the mechanical part of the sketch phase up to the level of execution guide plans with detailed plans, calculation notes and detailed measurements.

Our concept is a new type of very high performance concrete pylon of great height 52 m based on an original design composed of a tripod with curved arcs and a conical vertical shaft, founded on special hollow foundations stiffened and weighted in precast concrete.

The carbon impact is low and close to the technical optimum of the standard metal lattice tower. The supports of the electrical armaments are designed in corten type steel based on a boilermaking technique with variable sections with curved triangular walls.

The entire structure can be developed in industrial series with an implementation based on total prefabrication and special assembly techniques on site.

The design is innovative by the design of the structure and by the use of high performance concrete guaranteeing the very high durability of 100 years for an EHV line support.

Owner : RTE

Groupement : Nimos Design, Cegelec, MaP3

Representative in the detailed studies phase : MaP3

CFD studies for upwind analysis : MaP3 fluides

Matérials : Precast B90 high-performance concrete in hollow segments, prestressed by post-tension based on flat sheaths, Corten type steel brackets