Villejuif station - IGR (Institut Gustave Roussy)

New emblematic station for the southern extension of line 14 and the new line 15 South of Greater Paris.

Realization of the structural study of the metal frame of the central roof supporting an ETFE membrane (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene).

The roof is a cable structure in the shape of a bicycle wheel with a diameter of 40 m. The peripheral beam is a trellis on which are fixed the tie rods and the cables connected to a central hub. The roof is supported by 9 structural posts, while the water is evacuated by 9 non-structural posts.

The stability of the structure in the event of a fire (at 840°C) is ensured by the solidity of the tie rods and by an intumescent paint applied to the posts and the trellis.

Maître d'ouvrage : Société du Grand Paris

Maitres d'œuvre : Setec, Ingérop, DPA – Dominique Perrault Architecture (Architects)

Phase : Construction

Construction : Vinci Construction and Spie Batignolles (gros œuvres), Bouygues Construction (layout), Taiyo Europe GmbH (ETFE membrane), MaP3 (roof structural study EXE phase)

Technical data : Depth : 50 m ; commissioning of line 14 South: Mid-2024; commissioning of line 15 South: End of 2025